About The Clair de Lune Shop

Owner of Clair de Lune Shop

There are Five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Receiving gifts can be perceived as the most shallow of the five, but only to those who do not understand the importance of the meaning behind the gift. As someone who perceives love through gifts I can tell you that it's not the price tag that I care about, it's the value of the item. The fact that someone could listen to and learn about my likes, then see something that they believe suits me and want to make me smile, well that's a form of deep love. 


When I was a child my grandmother would make a cup of tea or coffee and talk about her youth and life before she immigrated to America. I remember sitting around her and imagining her as a young woman, as I dipped my fiji biscuit in my chaa. These memories hug my heart, they remind me of the value of family and deep connections to people. This is also where my love for collecting and receiving coffee mugs and cups comes from. 


Part of this love language is also giving gifts, I love to personalize presents. There is a certain joy that I receive when someone gives me a huge smile and tosses their head back in a mild laugh, as if to say “No way!”. This shop is made to create that moment for you. I hope you find something you love for those you love, and hey shop around for the greatest love of your life, yourself! :)